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Cardboard Box Crafts

Stuck inside on a rainy day? Try making a pirate ship or a castle from large cardboard boxes.

Pirate Ship
Remove the top of a large box to open up space for kids to stand in the ship. Angle and tape together two sides of another box to form the ship's bow. Position a third box upright at the stern end. Use a cardboard tube to form a mast and glue a fabric pirate flag to the top.

On the front of your castle box, cut out three sides of a door, leaving the bottom attached for a drawbridge. Cut out windows. Make a castle tower out of another box, taping it to the top of the first box.

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Gift Ideas for Your New Pup

Welcoming a sweet little bundle of fur with big loving eyes into your family is a sheer delight. But first-time dog parents may be surprised by how much time, toys and tolerance their canine toddler requires! Here are a few essentials to give you both a strong start.

High-value treats are a must for training. Small, soft chews filled with flavor will capture and keep your dog's attention. Other popular choices are peanut butter squeeze pouches, mini freeze-dried chicken or beef bites, and even string cheese.

Look for toys that physically and mentally engage your pup. Some good choices include durable plush animals that can satisfy your puppy's natural prey drive and rubber balls with hollow centers to hide treats that make tasty games fun.

Consider slow feeders or food puzzles to encourage mental stimulation while eating.

Remember, consistent training and constructive playtime are key for both pooch and parent happiness.

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Ace Your Involvement With Your Child's School

Kids aren't the only ones who can enjoy school days filled with learning, fun, friends, and activities. Parents can share similar experiences when they volunteer at their child's school. Your commitment can be as minor or major as you like. The idea is to witness your child's academic world first-hand, lighten the teacher's load and have some fun.

When choosing what kind of contribution you'd like to make, let your interests and skills, along with your child's, guide you. One of the greatest rewards of classroom volunteering is discovering how much your child appreciates having you there to share in special moments. Here are some of the most popular pathways for parent involvement.

These groups provide excellent opportunities for parents to offer help and input.

Classroom Helpers
Leading a small group in reading, guiding arts and crafts projects, or assisting in computer learning are great ways to volunteer in your child's classroom.

Special Events
Schools often need help preparing and serving meals or refreshments for special events.

Field Trips
School-sponsored trips give children diverse experiences in the community. Parent participation on field trips helps teachers and students make the most of their time away from the classroom.

There are so many wonderful and meaningful ways to get involved with your child's school. Teachers and students greatly appreciate any time or services you can provide.

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It's Better Breakfast Month!

Life on the go often means grabbing a quick, convenient "meal" while rushing off to work, school or appointments. Unfortunately, that granola bar you thought was healthy might be loaded with sugar. You know breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but sometimes there's just no slowing down to properly prepare it.

September is Better Breakfast Month, so there's no better time to retrain yourself to savor the delights of a healthy breakfast. Eating a balanced breakfast can help control weight and rev up your metabolism after overnight fasting. It helps stabilize blood sugar levels and can also promote healthier eating as the day goes on.

Try these delicious, easy-to-prepare breakfast options to keep yourself energized while meeting the day's challenges.

Protein Smoothie
Blend a frozen banana with one tablespoon nut butter, one tablespoon flaxseed and a scoop of protein powder.

Avocado Toast
Toast two slices of bread and top with Ricotta cheese, sliced avocado and a dash of black pepper.

Apple Sandwich
Spread nut butter and low-sugar granola between two apple slices (sliced thin from stem to bottom).

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Avocado Steak Tacos

2 Tbsp. vegetable oil, divided
1 lb. flank steak
½ cup fresh cilantro, finely chopped
½ white onion, diced
2 Tbsp. fresh lime juice
8 corn tortillas
1 medium avocado, sliced
½ cup crumbled Queso Fresco or Cotija cheese (optional)

In a large skillet, heat 1 Tbsp. oil on medium-high. Season steak with salt and pepper. Cook for 5 minutes per side for medium-rare. Allow steak to rest for 5 minutes.

Mix cilantro, onions, lime juice, and remaining 1 Tbsp. oil in a medium bowl. Slice steak into ½-inch x 2-inch strips. Top tortillas with steak, cilantro-and-onion mixture, avocado, and cheese. Garnish with fresh cilantro.

Serves 4

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